Patagonia and Mount Kilimanjaro had been on my bucket list for years. On the contrary, Everest Base Camp was not something I had ever aspired to. And here I am, signed up with Ian Taylor Trekking. We will be trekking to the base camp of the highest Mountain in the world in October 2023. And although nervous, I am also excited. In this blog I want to document our Everest adventure and how the road to EBC began.

Photo credit Ian Taylor Trekking

Connecting the dots

It all started with two different unconnected conversations with two different friends. First there was my friend Rhona, who had EBC on her bucket list for years. She asked some of us to join her on a trip to celebrate one of the big birthdays. I was convinced I did not want to do it. And then there was my friend Bill, who hiked Kilimanjaro in 2021 and decided to do EBC next. When Bill also asked me whether I was interested, I started to think I might have missed something about EBC. So I asked Bill to send me all the details.

Doing my research

And so the next week I start my research. I go through the information from Bill and compare the details with the details from the trip Rhona’s husband Paul did. I read reviews, watch videos and I ask my self why I want to do Kilimanjaro. The answer is that I love Africa and that I have been captivated by the beauty of that majestic free standing mountain. On the other hand, I have had too many negative impression about Base Camp. From the garbage left by the visitors, to the hard work and low pay of the Sherpas. So it is time to talk to somebody who has done it. Over dinner, Paul tells me about his trek to EBC. He shows me the stunning photos of his trip, the variety of the landscape, the local people, culture and history.

It is the journey, not the destination

I realize at that moment, that it is not so much Base Camp, but the journey through Nepal, that I am interested in. And I also realize that Kilimanjaro, is a bare mountain in the middle of nothing and there is not much to see on the hike up. From the pictures of the EBC trek, I know I will love the nature, the history and learning more about the culture and the people.

And so the adventure begins

Once I make up my mind, I am normally ready to commit. So I tell my friend Rhona that I am in and that I think we should join the trip my friend Bill has booked. It will be nice to have more people we know. On one of our girl’s outings, we mention it, and before we know, three other friends sign up. With Bill’s group of 5, we have a total of ten. We will be hiking to an altitude of 18, 520 feet/5,645 meter, so we will have to do some serious training between now and then. Hikes like Sequoia, Colorado and Yosemite. So stay tuned about what is next in our preparation for trekking Everest and how the road to EBC began and begins.

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