The Marin headlands are just a little north of the metropolitan city of San Francisco, but once you pass the Richmond bridge and drive on the narrow winding roads of Marin Headlands, you enter a totally different world of sleepy country side, rolling hills covered in wild flowers, cows, goats and horses. It is our destination on a sunny Sunday in March for a visit to Point Reyes Station followed by a Crab Feed at Heidrun Meadery for an afternoon of California dreaming: cheese, crab and Mead wine.

Last minute adventures

It is one of those unexpected last-minute events, that turn into a lovely day. Mandi asks me on Friday if I have plans for Sunday. She and two friends have tickets to a crab feed event in Marin, but one of their friends can’t make it. I don’t hesitate, cancel the plans I have. I like unexpected adventures like this. So, on Sunday morning, the three of us drive up HWY 880 through Oakland, towards Marin. It is a glorious spring day with clear blue skies. We can see all of the San Francisco Bay; from the Bay Bridge to downtown, to Alcatraz, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, before we reach Marin County.

Point Reyes Station

We are early, and decide to stop in Point Reyes Station, a picturesque little town in the heart of Marin County. A town that feels like time stood still and the town hasn’t changed in the past centuries. We walk around and visit the local book store, Point Reyes Books and Toby’s Feed Barn, a market where we stock up on local chocolate, olive oil and nuts. Next, we stop at the famous Cow Girl Creamery, a must for cheese lovers. I come from one of the top cheese countries in the world, I love cheese. Good cheese is not easy to find in California. I can’t resist and can’t decide. There are so many great cheeses to choose from, and I end up buying way too much. But it is all good and worth it.

Heidrun Meadery

We leave Point Reyes Station and make our way to Heidrun Meadery, who are hosting a once-a-year crab feed today. It is good to have foody friends who know about these types of events. We are early, but that is ok, it allows us to find a nice table in the garden and have a flight of the different Mead wines. It is my first time trying Mead wine, a sparkling honey wine. We taste 4 different ones. I like the California Orange Blossom and the Hawaiian Blossom ones. I am less fond of the smoky one we try. While we are drinking our wine, the preparations for the crab feed have started.

A real crab feast

Big pots of crabs, BBQ with corn and garlic bread and tables with vegetables and potato salad are being set-up.  It smells delicious and we are hungry so we stack our plates with crab legs, bread, roasted asparagus and potato salad. We sit down in the sunny garden and wash down the food with another glass of mead wine. It is relaxing, it is delicious and I can not think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon: good friends, good food and good wine. This is what California Dreaming means.




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